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Can Casi is a smoke-free hotel, it is totally forbidden to smoke inside the hotel.

The guest is responsible for the care of the room as it is delivered. 

Extra charges will be required due to inadequate conditions, dirty room, breakages, damages, thefts to property of the hotel.

The hotel is not responsible for valuables or money in the rooms.

The hotel does not assume any responsibility for physical damages of the guests.

Private parties are not accepted inside the rooms even daytime noise is forbidden, if a client causes disorder, scalding it and does not respect the comfort of the hotel will be expelled without any refund and paying an extra penalty. The hotel reserves the right to cancel any reservation or conclude any event immediately without being obliged to reimburse or process any compensation.

Failure to comply with our regulations means leaving the hotel without the right to be refund, pay the full stay or apply the penalty that the hotel thinks appropriate (between 200 and 6000 Euros).

The hotel is not obliged to inform the client of additional charges but to include them in the invoice.

The hotel does not assume responsibility for power cuts by the electric company, floods, lightning, earthquakes, Wind damage either to people or to some of their belongings. The hotel is not responsible for the cars parked in the hotel parking (punctures, damages, or thefts) 

At your disposal there is the complete inventory and the complaints sheets.

By booking at our hotel you authorize us to apply additional expenses and to include your personal data in our file.

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